The Power of a Word

“Conditioning myself for a long distance hike” is the most empowering and motivational phrases that I have ever come up with. I’ve been going at this for about three months now and the way I feel after working out is what keeps me going back.

Around Christmas and into January I fell off the metaphorical trail and tumbled down into a ravine. I had a rough time just trying to deal with my day to day mental health that exercising took a back seat. Slowly but surely, I crawled and hiked up the ravine, bloody and bruised but not broken.

I paid for yet another gym membership last week but this time around, it feels different. I have a clear goal that I am working towards. A goal that has a time line and direct steps that I need to take. This goal that I am working towards is one that I want to have the best possible physical advantage for.

Ten days on the Appalachian Trail is not going to be a walk through the prairie terrain of Manitoba or even the Whiteshell area of Ontario that I am used to. It’s a mountain range!

I was at the gym on Thursday for two hours, yesterday morning for two hours, and tonight for an hour and a half. I wanted to stay longer this evening but the gym closed at 8pm.

The word CONDITIONING is incredibly empowering. I don’t think I have intentionally conditioned myself to do anything, except maybe eat an entire cheesecake in one sitting.

I feel on top of the world the last few days. I am loving it!

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