What I want when I hike

Next week will be March and soon spring will lead to summer. My boots will hit the dirt for my ten day section hike before I know it.

Physically I am doing well with conditioning myself for the hike. I’ve added a deep water running class for resistance training into my routine to keep things interesting. I really enjoy spending time in the gym, surrounded by people who are bettering themselves, just as I am. It’s empowering to feel myself getting stronger.

I have a few spring and early summer hikes planned, including an over night on the cusp of spring with late winter temperatures. My -20 °C sleeping bag and I will save that story for another time if I actually go through with it.

I’m eager to see where the trail takes me this year, metaphorically speaking. It’s a bold connection that I feel and one that motivates me to continuously push myself.

On the trail, I want…

To forget what day of the week it is and for the time of the day to not overly matter.

To disconnect from my electronics. I spend a lot of time staring at screens between my computer at work, my lap top at home, my Kindle, my phone, and the TV. I look forward to the break I have when I am on the trail.

To learn patience with physical and mental discomfort. Pain has a purpose and that is to push us towards a solution, and patience is needed for that solution.

To experience the unknown and be alone with my thoughts.

A bad-ass adventure that will give me amazing memories and stories to share.

To celebrate and reward my hard work. Depression will not win.

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